Kinesthetic Christian: Write, Rest, or Revise?

Dear friends,

May I call you that? You, who faithfully (or only occasionally) read what I write here at the Kinesthetic Christian?

I regularly struggle with what it means, and what I mean, when I say I am a kinesthetic Christian. It is easier to say what I don’t mean:

  • I don’t mean you have to exercise to be a K-Christian.
  • I don’t mean to make you fit so that you can be a K-Christian.
  • I don’t even mean you have to move to be a K-Christian.

10561761_10205055018635197_6446629520185197116_nWhat I do mean is that, as one who believes there is a God and that God is with us always, God lets us know that. The question asked of my life is: How do I know this God?

We can’t see God. We can’t touch God. Can’t actually hear, taste, or smell God. By virtue of these ‘special’ senses, the ones we learned about in elementary school, I can’t know God. I surmise that experiencing God through these sensations would overwhelm us, and the ancients said that such an encounter would kill us.

But, I believe God does offer evidence of His presence through our general senses. He appeals to the somato-sensory system, the body’s peripheral senses: pressure, temperature, pain, touch, vibration, position, and posture. Usually we associate these sensations with interactions in the world, but they seem more than that. We’ve been burned. Our hopes are crushed. Our heart has been softened. Our mind convinced. We are moved. All of these we can and do experience, and we live to tell about it. God is gentle with us.

As a K-Christian, when I say God moves me, touches me, inclines me, leads me, or taps me, I mean that I sense something about the circumstance or in the story or the interaction which speaks to me of God. It’s on-going evidence, if you will, that I as the kinesthetic detective keep discovering. By virtue of this blog, you have allowed me to share it.

While movement is fun, responsible movement needs direction. No matter how much we like running, our aim is the finish line. We don’t just keep rounding the bases, we head for home! I am seeking direction for the KC blog, and I’d like your impression regarding what seems right for the KC. Would you please kindly vote or offer comment?

  1. Select, edit and organize the KC postings (# >500) into categories and perhaps seek publication
  2. Start fresh and offer contemporary responses to the writings of my Pastor Grandfather
  3. Give it all a rest. You’re starting to repeat yourself.
  4. Get over yourself and just keep writing.
  5. Other?

As I offer this list, I feel a bit like I am side-stepping my responsibility to choose or discern what’s next. If that is true, I’m sure God will let me know. But, honestly, as I don’t know who’s reading this, I don’t want to short change anyone who has followed my blog and now will be disappointed with a new direction I take.

God has created me uniquely for a purpose, and I am meant to respond to that with my life. So are you. I am eternally grateful for your support.


About wlebolt

Life comes at you fast. I like to catch it and toss it back. Or toss it up to see where it lands. I do my best thinking when I'm moving. And my best writing when I am tapping my foot to a beat no one else hears. Kinesthetic to the core.

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  1. Mary Anne Noland

    I love your blog. Of course, some strike more where I am than others but I always enjoy your take on things. I often yearn for your gift of finding meanings in places I don’t look. My suggestion is to write what you want, what moves you that day.

    • Thank you, Mary Anne. It helps to imagine those who are reading. Knowing you’re reading is the best part of the process 🙂 Like a gift. If no one opens it, it may be given, but never gifted. I have you to thank for that.

  2. As Mary Anne said, some of your blogs “get me” more than others, and I suppose that depends on where I am at the time. Many have been timed to perfectly fit the situation I am in at that moment (as so frequently seems to happen with the sermon topic on a given Sunday). I love your blogs just as they are – varied, soft, meaningful, and on point – and hope they will continue along these lines!

  3. I would ask the question…”If you not been given your Grandfather’s book would you have ever thought to have a dialogue with him about Him?” I say do what moves you and please write more with your Grandfather. Some how two writers in one family seems like a path!

    • I certainly would never have thought of having a dialogue with my Grandfather about God. But I regularly journal in a dialogue-ing fashion. I have found it amazing how truth spoken in 1958 stands the test of time. And it is amazing what writing reveals about its writer. That’s a great gift to me – and hoping it’s not exposing myself too much to others…. 🙂

  4. I enjoy the diversity of your blogs so would love to see you continue to write as you’re moved.
    Including your Grandfather’s wisdom would be a tremendous gift to us as well!

    • Thank you, Bonny. I guess what I am doing is asking permission to bring my Grandfather to the blog. I can’t imagine him as kinesthetic at all 🙂 But it seems sure that I will find life in the process of engaging him. Perhaps conversation could be considered Kinesthetic??

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