My Creative Process

Here goes:

  1. Begin with “You are loved, whether you produce anything today or not.”
    Your offering is already acceptable. You have brought yourself to this day.
  2. Surround yourself with the things you enjoy, people you love and the things you love to do.
  3. Begin.
  4. If it flows, continue.
  5. If not, set it aside and begin again.
  6. Toil while it makes sense. Set it aside when it sags.
  7. Revise another day.

On the next day, begin with…

“You are loved, whether you produce anything today or not.”

This, most of all, because the fear of failing to produce acceptable fruit keeps our hands in our pockets and our hearts under wraps. The world needs our hearts and our hands. Love opens both.



What’s your creative process?


About wlebolt

Life comes at you fast. I like to catch it and toss it back. Or toss it up to see where it lands. I do my best thinking when I'm moving. And my best writing when I am tapping my foot to a beat no one else hears. Kinesthetic to the core.

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