The Body Doesn’t Lie

What good is a body?

Its senses offer awareness.
Its movements exercise connectedness.trail_run_silhouette

Its behavior shows what it is thinking.
Its responsiveness proves its attention.
Its spontaneity, a display of flexibility.
Its skill, evidence of its teaching.

Its performance shows that it has practiced.
Its coordination calls on its balance.
Its competence demonstrates its consistency.
Its record shows its preparation.

A body grows when it is nourished,
Its fragrant fruit is sweet success.
The body diminishes when undernourished,
love withheld steals vital stores.

Separate from each other,
the body’s design amounts to nothing.
Helpless to sense,
Hopeless to move,
Confused in thought,
Distracted in direction,

Paralyzed in place or…Listless…Wandering…..Lost.

A body performs magnificently,
when we treat it as it asks.
If we listen as it speaks.
The body doesn’t lie.

What is your body meant to do with its one chance?

How does it respond when you’re not looking?

What does it say when you’re not thinking?

Where does it go when there are no directions?

Whom does it follow when the teacher leaves the room?

How does it work when no one is watching?

The body is our good gift,
meant for the work of one lifetime;
begun in us, created and still creating through us.

The body tells the truth.
Truth does a body good.


About wlebolt

Life comes at you fast. I like to catch it and toss it back. Or toss it up to see where it lands. I do my best thinking when I'm moving. And my best writing when I am tapping my foot to a beat no one else hears. Kinesthetic to the core.

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