Consumer or Producer?

L mayoWhat’ll it be today…

Will I catch everything tossed at me,
And throw it back real hard?
So they know I’m no pushover;
I can give as good as I take?

Will I consume everything set before me
Chew and swallow, mop up the gravy,
Because I’m a member of the clean plate club,
and we don’t leave full enough alone?


Will I let things hurled my way
go right on by?
There’s no game of toss,
where there’s no catching.

Will I use my free hands to produce
what only I can see,
and only I can hear
and only I can imagine?

Consume or produce?

About wlebolt

Wendy is a health and fitness professional and coach who specializes in helping young athletes dig deep to reach high. Her business, Fit2Finish, LLC, serves the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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  1. I’m not an activist. I’m an activator!

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