Wendy, the Kinesthetic Christian

Welcome to the Kinesthetic Christian. It’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Yep. I'm the one in the shades.

I am a Christian. That is, I do my best to follow Christ. And I am kinesthetic, that is, I learn best by doing. So, even though I know that Psalm 46:10 says… “Be still, and know that I am God,” I’m not so good at being still. In fact I do my best God-connecting when I’m moving. Hey, God made me; He should know, right?

So, the Kinesthetic Christian blog is a place where I am still, briefly, to chat about doings and marvel at ponderings – in my day, my mind, my body, and God’s Kingdom – that connect me to a soul that is surely God’s.

When I am not here I am probably at a youth sporting event – coaching or cheering or just spectating. I train athletes under my pseudonym: Fit2Finish, LLC. You can find that blog @ www.Fit2Finish.com. I love working with young people. They inspire me, teach me and give me all my best writing material.

In my spare time I enjoy: one husband, two dogs, three daughters, exercising, writing, fiction and sitting on the porch.

Thanks for taking a spin through the KC blog. I hope you’ll leave a comment, send me an email or visit the KC Facebook page. Come by anytime. I’ll leave the light on for you.

  1. Love the name “kinesthetic Christian”. What is your book? I found this because I had, of course, read the Marilyn column today and wondered if you had been through any mazes lately!

    • Hey Sherry. Good to “hear” you out there! Other than navigating the “life maze”… many twists and turns. All to the Good. The book I hope will be in print soon is Fit 2 the Final Whistle. A “user’s manual” so to speak for coaches to take the Fit 2 Finish method to the field where they play. The science and the fun.

      The “KC” is a separate blog (I call it my personal inspirational blog) which I have linked to the Fit 2 Finish site because, in truth, it is why I do what I do. I was made to learn by moving.Feel free to visit at https://kinestheticchristian.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/starting-at-the-finish-is-cheating/
      I post a thought there several times per week 🙂

      Hope to see you in the new year!

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