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A functional faith: the Struggle is Real

I want a functional faith —
not just a faith of works,
but a faith that works.


a faith that works out,
a faith that works for,
a faith that functions.

I want a faith that does,
while I am doing other things,

a faith that works its way
into my day,
along my way,
every day.

I want a faith that
stands up, stands under, and stands for,
but doesn’t need to stand and be recognized,

a faith that builds up,
works construction,
brick and mortar, clay and water, flesh and blood.

Please, Sir, may I have a functional faith?

Did. Done. Doing.
Now, go and do.


Is life erasable or indelible?


If I could write the words of life
in pencil and not pen,

erase that bit, re-draft that part,
try out that ending, then…

Penciled in, not permanent,
what a better life I’d live.

Take some chances, try stuff out,
Oh what I wouldn’t give.

Wait, that pencil is right here,
it’s sharpened in my hand.

Sketching, drawing, please erase,
do brush away that sand.

Darker, firmer this one comes,
it may be meant to stay.

Will you please put that in pen?
Someone might read it someday.

Consumer or Producer?

L mayoWhat’ll it be today…

Will I catch everything tossed at me,
And throw it back real hard?
So they know I’m no pushover;
I can give as good as I take?

Will I consume everything set before me
Chew and swallow, mop up the gravy,
Because I’m a member of the clean plate club,
and we don’t leave full enough alone?


Will I let things hurled my way
go right on by?
There’s no game of toss,
where there’s no catching.

Will I use my free hands to produce
what only I can see,
and only I can hear
and only I can imagine?

Consume or produce?

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