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Turn my mourning into morning

I am in mourning
for the world I thought I knew,
had such hopes for,
dreamed such dreams for…

My world, my oyster,
Not mine any longer.
By hate, by hurt, by harm.

But Love,
Love doesn’t insist on its own way.
Love waits,
Waits patiently for an invitation.

An opening in the doorway
A crack, a crevice, a peep hole.

See this? all this is nothing.
What lasts are These.
Just as you loved them,
I love  you.

Lord, turn my mourning into morning.
Bring the dawning of your new day.

sunrise sky air

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. ~ Matthew 5:4


A functional faith: the Struggle is Real

I want a functional faith —
not just a faith of works,
but a faith that works.


a faith that works out,
a faith that works for,
a faith that functions.

I want a faith that does,
while I am doing other things,

a faith that works its way
into my day,
along my way,
every day.

I want a faith that
stands up, stands under, and stands for,
but doesn’t need to stand and be recognized,

a faith that builds up,
works construction,
brick and mortar, clay and water, flesh and blood.

Please, Sir, may I have a functional faith?

Did. Done. Doing.
Now, go and do.

Does What I Do Really Matter?

CIMG4691For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So Newton says.

That’s not to say that whatever you do, they’ll do it back to you; or whatever you give, they’ll give it back to you. No, good doesn’t necessarily beget good, it does good in the do-er.

Some call it grace; some call it karma. I call it Newton’s 3rd Law. Whatever I do, it applies an equal and opposite force to me. My body’s doings obey the laws of motion, uniquely!

My doing changes me back.
My thinking causes me to think again.
My helping them, helps me.
My ironing for him, smooths me.
My cleaning for her, cleanses me.

My praying, for him, for her, for them,
teaches me:
how to pray, what to say,
what to silence,
when to go, when to stay.

Equal and opposite.
Whenever I give, I get back,

Equal and opposite.
It’s a law of nature.
My nature.

For my every action, there’s a reaction,
In me.

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