“You’re broken right here.”
(Followed by poking right here.)
Never helps. Often hurts.
Never mends. Often rends.

“What happened?”
“Whatcha in for?”
“You, too?”
Often helps. Never hurts.
Won’t offend. Often mends.

Enough to let
the healer, heal,
the creator, craft,
the Savior save.

It all begins right here.


Use it or lose it. done.

Use it or lose it applies in, as far as I can tell, every situation. But what I’ve learned from those aging gracefully is there is no need to tell them that “no pain, no gain” is just bunk.

Learning doesn’t happen by spectation

Text, I can read.
Image, I can see.

By video, I can follow along.
But to learn, I must take part.

No one can stand in for me
in my interaction,
my operation,
my turn at my own helm.

Learning that lasts
begins where caution ends
and trust begins.

that whoever made me
an interactive device
created this game
in a way I could win it.


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