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Ever had one of those “Stop right where you are” moments?

Have you ever had one of those frozen-in-your-tracks moments? When you get some news and your heart skips a beat? And there’s literally nothing to be done before you deal with this?

Somehow our circuitry seems to be wired even to manage the impossible situation. We stop. Perhaps we consider our alternatives. We wonder who to call or who to ask or where to google for more information. We are, after all, quite well-resourced these days. But some things just don’t offer a quick or easy solution. Still, they stop us.

And, in these I have found God so faithful. Oh, He’s way more creative than google. Somehow He manages to pry open a door in my brain that creaks on its hinges to let in a breath of fresh air. It suggests an idea, an action, a new explanation. Something I may never have considered had I not held still. For just one moment. While He pointed out what He had already planted in me for just this occasion.

“Stop right where you are!” He seems to shout without a sound. “Attend to this.”

I guess this is a big admission for a Kinesthetic Christian. That sometimes stopping is the only response available. Of course, how would I know, were I not always on the move? 🙂

Had one of those moments this morning. I stopped. God replied. And we move forward. So, I am moving on to the next thing now.

God has said, “I have an errand for you to run.” I’d like to think myself like Jake and Elwood, “I’m on a mission from God!” But that sounds a bit big. Nope. Just an errand. If there is a message involved, I hope He writes it down. I have a terrible time remembering what I hear. I guess that’s why He stops me long enough to write it down.

Amazing how well He knows us.

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