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God in the tag cloud

What’s in a title? a name? a tag? A lot, I expect. It’s what we read first, in capital letters, and then decide whether we want to enter in. The funny thing is, the title is usually the last thing I give my posts or my articles. Because I’m really not quite sure what they will be about when I start them. It unearths itself in the process.

Yesterday’s post “When do we get around to doing what can be done anytime?” started out as “If we can call on God anytime, when will get around to Him?” I thought the whole refer-to-God-in-the-title thing was a bit off-putting. I mean, who wants to be bombarded with stuff chastising you for not doing what you’re “supposed to”? (Where DOES this question mark go?) If you’re on the fence about God, you’re definitely gonna hit the “delete” on that.

So I changed the title, in order to invite people in. But I tagged it “God” along with a bunch of other things. Tags invite people in, too. People who are looking for writing about a particular topic can search by tags. “Want to read what other people are writing about ____? Click here.” So it’s a covert sort of evangelism, I guess. If you’re already seeking God, you might recognize Him here.

But I’m wondering whether it’s a cop-out on my part. I mean, am I doing God a disservice by not saying, right up front, this blog is about God in my physical life? I’m considering this as I get ready to post with the new title, while scrolling through the “tags most used” cloud in my blog’s dashboard. The words are there, some smaller, some larger based on how many times I have used them. And there, floating in the middle of perhaps a hundred different tags of all sizes is one, very large, blue word: GOD.

I chuckled out loud then, right in the middle of the Starbucks. ‘God’ is by far the most used tag in my posts. Even when I don’t put Him in the title He is there; I have written Him in. Simply by tapping those three keys, in that order, time after time, GOD has emerged in the cloud.

So I guess I haven’t tucked Him away after all. Even when I don’t call Him by name He is there, among us. Here, where 2 or 3 are gathered. Or at least He is there, in my midst and my mind as I tap out my ponderings. Those three keys, in that order, time after time. Not randomly, but regularly.

I do think titles are important, though. That’s how we know what to call things, how to refer to them, how we connect with them. They do serve as an invitation and they get our attention. Kind of like when someone calls our name. We’re told that our Shepherd will call us by name. I’m not so sure He will use my first or my last name. I’d like to think I would just get a tap that says, “mine,” in a voice I recognize as His.

And not like those crazy gulls from Finding Nemo…”mine. mine. mine. mine.” Or, maybe so. You can find God in most any script, can’t you?

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