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Gift bags lobbed from above

Which way?

I wish life was a flow chart. This or that? Here or there. Now or later.

Reminds me of my precocious 9 year old helping her toddler sister with what to choose on the kids menu. Patiently, she would go down the list of the six kid-friendly items, 2 by 2, asking, “Do you want this or this?” With each selection they would move on, pitting the winner against the next option: “That or this?” Until there was a final victor. Perfect: here’s what you order!

The beauty of the flow chart is the single direction arrow. Perhaps our minds are designed only to consider two options at a time. I get in trouble when I start from the bottom and try to work my way up. Like when I scan the horizon and say, God, which way is your way?

My problem: I have put myself at the foot of the arrow and directed it back to God. Asking Him, “what do you need me to do for you today?”

photo (2)I’m pretty sure I hear him chuckling. Then He calls, “Incoming!!” And I hold out my hands just in time to catch the packet He has lobbed in my direction. I untie the string and peel away the soft, brown wrapping. It smells of incentive. Luscious, alluring, tantalizing.

I breathe it in. Carry it along. Until, “Incoming!”

I toss the last and catch the next. A bit heavier. No problem.


Catch. open. respond. release. repeat. I can do this.

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