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What Harvest Would the Silence Bring?

27 years in a cell. A man found guilty, given time to consider, in silence. His circumstances insisted he “search realistically and regularly the processes of (his) own mind and feelings.”

What if we were sentenced to hard labor on the rock pile of life? With only ourselves and our fellow laborers for company. What then?

Would we find things of the spirit? Things gone missing or perhaps just dust-covered, having been set aside. Maybe they’ve been shelved or filed having been “sufficiently accomplished” thus not warranting further attention. Let’s press on to important matters, our soul seems to say.

But that voice…do I know it? Is it MY soul speaking?

One Light

One Light

What if we took the earphones out and let our own thoughts rattle through our heads as we went running, lifting, riding, driving? What harvest would the silence bring? Are we afraid to have our own thoughts for company?

Is it better to pay them no mind? Drown them out in the noise?

Keeping silent is very, very hard labor. Almost makes 27 years on the rock pile look easy, even a gift.

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