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Stillness is a Stretch for Some of us

Here we go, readying for another Christmas season. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It can be exhausting. But it’s worth it. I just plan to keep the whole thing in proportion this year. Maybe look at it as an endurance event and try to keep my pace even the whole way.

The challenge for me is the temptation to get caught up the current. I start out well and then somehow I find myself in the fast lane. Reminds me of the time I showed up so late for the start of my 5K race that I took off with the lead pack. They were actually racing the thing. I literally had to run for my life. This only lasted about 100 meters because I was overcome by the sharp jab of a side stitch and tripped up by the shoelace I hadn’t had time to secure.

I guess taking just a little time to prepare and then finding your proper place in the pace is really quite a healthy thing. It doesn’t take long. Just requires you show up with a few minutes to spare.

So, in my few minutes to spare during this season, I’m going to put myself in my proper posture with this stretch and its prayer.

I think it may make the season brighter. I know it will make me more flexible. And that may be the key to sustaining myself in the race all the way to the finish line which, of course, is Christmas Day.

Thanksgiving, a non-denominational holiday!

Frankly, I have been surprised and pleased by the good humor of people this week. I have been to the grocery store several times, the bank, the coffee shop, run errands, and all of it’s been peaceful, fun, even collegial. People are chatting while waiting in lines. Waiting patiently, even while you bag up your 17 items in the 15 or less aisle. Everybody is in such a good mood. I think it must be Thanksgiving.

And why am I so surprised? I hate to admit it, but I think it’s because, on the inside, I am fast-forwarding to the days before Christmas. No, not thinking about Christmas lists, just making the parallel: the shopping, the crowds, the cool weather, the traffic, the lines. In the midst, I am leaping ahead. When I come back to the present, I am surprised.

There everyone is, wishing a Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone. You can wish it to a whole line at Starbucks and they’ll all smile and wish it back. You can smile and wish it at a total stranger walking around the block and he’ll wish it back. You can wish it to the people of every race and color who are tellers at the bank and they’ll wish it back.

Happy Thanksgiving is safe to say…to everyone. Because it’s non-denominational. You don’t have to worry if you’re offending. Everyone can give thanks, in one way or another, for something or other. And wishing happiness, well, it’s a given, when are grateful.

I just wish, somehow, we could make the Christmas season as peaceful. I suspect thanksgiving is a good place to start.

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