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Two Natures in One

We can never learn to live in unity with our neighbor until we can stand to live united within ourselves.

Our human nature and divine nature are not meant to “battle it out” to see who wins. They’re meant to learn to get along, living in harmony with each other.

I eat and sleep.
I toil and spin.
I give and take.


I imagine and dream.
I worship and pray.
I listen and respond.

These are not separate entities within me. They are my one and only nature. Two persons in one. Just as my Savior was one, human nature and divine. He was fully these. Both. I am partly these. Both.

One does not overwhelm the other. Does not seek its end or hope for its demise. It is not good and evil fighting it out in me. It is good and good seeking The Good for me.

Seeking and deferring,”You go. No please, you go.”
Seeing and deciding,”It’s mine. Yes, I’ll go.”

Shaping the space for Both. Fully. Perfecting…

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