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There’s an Invisible Man Under My Sticky Notes!

Is there an invisible man in your life?
Hiding under your bed
Behind your curtains
In the shower
Under the covers
Behind the wheel of your car?

These are all places I’ve gone looking.
Not really searching
But definitely seeking.
Where thoughts can drift
and ideas jump out at you.

Sometimes they startle and you scream.
Sometimes they delight and you giggle.
Sometimes, they awe you into silence.
Those times, you marvel.


And scribble them onto a sticky note –
A Post-It note for you sticklers.
Over time … those notes gather.

Until one day,
you toss them together
and they take shape.

Invisible Man,
how long have you been waiting for me to find you?


Join Your Life, Already in Progress

“I have so many choices facing me right now, Guiding God…I listen for your voice.

I listen with an open heart. I trust that you will guide me to the right choices. In this trusting, I am going to move out in faith and open the doors in front of me…

Ever present God, the process of opening doors begins now. Please help me discern the best choice.”

~ Patricia F. Wilson, Quiet Spaces

Heart beating fast, I fling open the doors.

The party has already started. In fact, from the look of things, it’s well underway. Everyone I love is here! Along with plenty whom I don’t know.

How do I enter? Where do I begin?

  • Start at the first table and introduce myself around?
  • Find someone I recognize and start a conversation there?
  • Stand to the side and wait for someone to notice me?
  • Find another who looks lonely and befriend them?
  • See who’s in charge and ask where I’m to be seated?

Stepping gently, I wander in. Like I’ve hit a magic floorboard, the lights instantly dim and a spotlight illuminates me. A voice booms, “Wendy, welcome to the party! We’ve been expecting you.”

Oh, but look what I’m wearing, surely not fit for such an occasion. I squeeze my eyes tight against the blinding light and fold my arms around my body, much, much too late to cover the grubby shorts and sweaty t-shirt.

I am surrounded in intake of breath. No tittering and no guffaws, only silence. What are they staring at?

Must. Look. One squinting eye hazards a look toward my sneakers. Oh my. Oh my, no! What I’m wearing is glorious, glowing, flowing, lovely. I am the belle of the ball. Arms raised, eyes wide, I must spin, just one turn in Cinderella’s gown.

…Tablecloths grab, silverware flies, glassware and centerpieces crash to the ever-loving ground. Frozen, I stare at the mess I have made. How am I ever to be me dressed like this?

“Stand still, dear one. Don’t move. Let me look at you. You’re lovely just as you are.”

In an instant I am back at my desk with pen in hand, jotting notes for the next article and planning the next training session. T-shirt, shorts and sneakers …ah, glorious.

Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

How would life look if we became the change we want to see?

ripple-effectHow quick are we to fantasize
how life might be,
if only what we wished for
were true.

If life were different, I would be successful.
If life were different, I would be recognized.
If life were different, I would be loved
the way I want to be loved.
If life were different.

What might be,
if we spent the time,
Instead of wishing,
Instead of fantasizing,
Instead of dreaming,

How would life look,
if we made the changes that need making?
if we attended to the things we’ve been avoiding?
if we righted the wrongs that need righting?

What if, instead of
we acted on our wildest imaginations
and let them change us?

That would change everything.

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