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What’s “thy kingdom” and when will it get here?

Our God is a very patient God. With all that we’ve done to deny and defy and dismiss Him since the beginning of time…I’d call that patient.

He’s promised, in Christ, to come again and to bring His kingdom with Him. What if that’s not a descent but an uprising? What if He is waiting until each one of His children uncovers the unique feature of themselves that is His making? And we are blinded to this one thing in ourselves, capable of seeing it clearly only in selflessly attending to the other.

What if Kingdom come depends on us? Each of us, responsible for drawing the God-portion out of the other, until every last piece is called out. The body of Christ on earth shaped into one Kingdom puzzle: the God made known in Jesus, come again.

If fitting the pieces depended wholly on us, how would we live?


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