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Learning doesn’t happen by spectation

Text, I can read.
Image, I can see.

By video, I can follow along.
But to learn, I must take part.

No one can stand in for me
in my interaction,
my operation,
my turn at my own helm.

Learning that lasts
begins where caution ends
and trust begins.

that whoever made me
an interactive device
created this game
in a way I could win it.


We are All Learning to Walk

it’s as natural as breathing.
Put one foot in front of the other.
Move it on out.

It wasn’t always this way.
Once, we couldn’t hold our head up,
couldn’t roll over
couldn’t sit without toppling
couldn’t rock on all fours
could not even crawl.

there was a time
when we were stuck in one place,
couldn’t move without help,
needed someone to pick us up
and carry us.

We went where they took us,
when they took us,
had no say in the matter,
just happy we got to go
for a ride.

crawling baby

But once we got creeping
and then on to crawling,
we were going places,
places on our own,
pulling our self up,
cruising along the coffee table,
going who knows where?
didn’t care.

What if you let go?
who SAID that?

What if you let go?
are you CRAZY?

What if you let go?
with both hands?!

What if you let go?
I let go

and there I stood.

Look at me!
and then, I went!
one foot, then the other…
Where am I going?

Moving on out…

getting up, and
getting up again,
rolling, rocking,
toppling, crawling,
creeping, cruising,
pulling up to

it’s as natural as breathing.
Put one foot in front of the other.
Move it on out.

We are all learning to walk.
First we must stand.

baby walking beach

Learning to walk, all life long

When do we outgrow our smallness? I mean the sun and the moon and the stars and the planets and the grains of sand and the…well, the earth and everything about it dwarfs us. A constant reminder of our unimportance in the scheme of things.

When do we see ourselves big? grown? fully mature? like God sees us with His expansive vision. God, who has every right to dismiss us or even accidentally step on us or overlook us, but doesn’t. He sees all of us – circumstances, hopes, dreams, suffering, hardship – on the big screen. He expands us to God-sizing.

The world says, Act your size. You’re nothing. Sit down and shut up.

God says, You’re the most important thing. Stand up and speak up.

So many are afraid of getting called on or getting called up. We cower in our seats remembering the second grade when we prayed not to be exposed for the answer we didn’t know or the homework we didn’t do. We recall, only too completely, the shame of being summoned to the teacher’s desk to be admonished for our poor behavior or our poor performance.

And what of the alphabetical firing squad? Rat-a-tatting through the roll. Waiting our turn, our hearts jumping into our throats, our minds working overtime racing through the facts and figures. Will I be ready when she calls on  me? Competitive academics extracts a great price; no wonder we are afraid of standing up.

Much better to be small, stay out of the way and let the Giants, the over-achievers, and the smart kids, fight it out. But God says no. We are to stand when we’re ready to walk without falling. When we can stand without pushing off and without looking down. Because the fear of heights surely would kill us. Certainly it would stop us dead in our tracks.

So we spend our whole lives learning to walk.

We tip and lean and race our way to Momma.

We trip and fall over our own two feet at the dance.

We stumble over our gown.

We stagger under the weight of demands.

We hoist ourselves up under pressure.

We hang on for dear life

until we’re rescued.

We reach up and take the hands extended to us and

We are lowered, softly and gently to find our footing.

And we stand, without looking around, or looking down, or even looking behind, but only looking ahead, and we take our first step.

Come to me, my beloved Child.

With no fear and no hesitation, we come running.

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