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Dear Christine, Dear Brett

Dear Christine Blasey Ford,

I believe you.

For the same reason Bible scholars offer to believe the first disciples, witnesses to the resurrection of Christ. Though they could not produce physical evidence other than their first-person testimony (which varied from evangelist to evangelist) and could not provide tangible proof for investigating authorities. No, they are to be believed because no one would lie about something that cost them so much. Nearly all of them died brutal deaths for the testimony they refused to recant. “We have seen the Lord; He is risen.” (See John 20:18, Matthew 28:6)

The testimony you have given has cost you dearly. May it bring you closure and peace.


Dear Brett Kavanaugh,

I am sorry.

Our young lives should not direct the course of our whole lives. When we do things we may regret later, encumbered by still-developing minds, bodies and souls, should we have to answer for these?¬† I’m not sure. But I know this: denying them is deadly. Womankind is now being encouraged to be vulnerable, to share, to face our fears, and we are. (Thank you, Brene Brown.) This is bringing us health and strength and stature. But mankind is trailing behind. Vulnerability, honesty, and sharing are something men — especially men in powerful positions — still avoid if they want to continue their pursuit of wealth, power and worldly success.

I wish, for your sake, that you didn’t have to wipe this incident from your memory. That you didn’t have to find reasons why political foes would put someone up to saying this about you. That you didn’t need to save face by glossing over facts and inventing new truths. I wish you could look back on your life, face up to all that’s happened and live out of its lessons. For we are all meant to. I wish, for your sake, there was a Brene Brown for men.

Then, you could look at Christine Blasey Ford and apologize for the hurt you caused, the harm you may not have been aware of, and then you could share how you have allowed the incidents of your life to shape you. In-form you. Make you a wiser you. And we could believe you and hope that you would bring this maturity of self and clarity of character to our Supreme Court.

I wish our world was a better place for men, as it is fast becoming a better place for women. Unfortunately, in our current circumstance, now one question remains. If a sexual harassment indictment is brought against a Supreme Court Justice, can he (or she) be removed from a lifetime appointment?


A Concerned Citizen

The Discipline that Wasn’t

Dear Friends,

Give something up for Lent. This is the challenge to us. Not so we can feel deprived or empty, but so we can draw near to the one who thought up this whole Lenten thing. In recent years, I have adopted, rather than subtracted, during Lent. This year, I engaged the blank cyber-pages of the Kinesthetic Christian and accepted God’s invitation to “write short.” Don’t elaborate. Be brief. Speak in staccato.


I didn’t have perfect attendance, but God always does. When I set about writing, God always shows up. I pray, God shows up for my readers, as well. But I am not in charge of that. The irony is this: it became a discipline of trying less hard. A sort of wait-for-it without waiting, a just-notice-when-it-shows-up, kind of thing. If I had adopted this practice with a “have to post” mentality, it couldn’t happen. It required I let go of the must-do in favor of the whatever-you-say.

It was a most undisciplined-disciplined effort and, yet, a most enlightening experience. Who knew? Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.

Thanks so much for reading.

Wendy keyboard shift

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