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There’s a light in our darkness

I didn't see the light left on. 
It was such a small beam directed downward.
A task light, meant to illuminate
what was cooking, to give a
progress report on the scrambled eggs
which had been long since consumed.
I didn't see the light left on. 
What with the sun's rays drowning it in their showy display,
splashing their way across the fingerprint-streaked kitchen appliances and reflecting onto the floor,
where yesterday's crumbs mixed with this morning's paw prints all clamoring to be cleaned.
I didn't see the light left on. 
The overhead luminescent so immediate and far-reaching.
The days' news face-up, unwilling to wait with its urgent communications,
and night-before items strewn, awaiting retrieval,
while two impatient hounds whine their displeasure
from sleeping quarters half-a-room away.
I didn't see the light left on. 
Those perpetual under-the-cabinet LEDs so unforgiving!
Every corner exposed, every surface uncovered.
"Coffee's ready!" insists a tiny green light, dismissing its "2:00 AM" digital display.
Little liar. Pay no attention to the coffee pot clock.
It used to brew on command, back in the day.
I didn't see the light left on
until it was time to leave; and I
switched off the overheads,
extinguished the LEDs and
bid the sun's rays farewell as they moved mercifully
onward taking their attentions and affections elsewhere.

"Excuse me," beckoned the light,
its beam still focused on its solemn assignment --
standing sentry over the cooking coils,
long cooled and fully forgotten.

until the darkening dared it to proclaim itself.

"I'm still here."
I wonder what else I am not seeing,
drowned as it often is in the invading ambient light.
I wonder what else I am not hearing, 
quenched as it often is by the parading ambient noise.
I wonder what else I am not sensing, 
habituated as I've become to the pelting of ambient turmoil.
I wonder what I might discover, if
I let myself attend to the light left on:

Its dedicated beam
Its resolute stare

Its stalwart attention
Its deep concern

What is it trying to show me?
what is it trying to tell me?
What is it dying to say?
Perhaps only darkness could bring this to light.  

Scaring Away the Dark with my Glow in the Dark-ness

Looking-under-the-bed-250x187Not looking for monsters under my bed
or skeletons in my closet.
I’m looking around.
Trying to make my deposit.

Bring the light over here.
There’s darkness all around,
Being loud, Being bold,
Shouting down, I can’t be told.

No need to raise my voice,
The darkness nearest me
Is within whispering distance,
It can hear me,
It can see me.
Because I glow in the dark.

Glow-bracelttsNot a flashlight,
Not a cell phone,
Not a glow stick,
Or a ghost.
I’m a natural phenomenon.
No need to flip my switch.

Not an app,
or a fossil fuel,
My power’s clean,
got a renewable source.

Tech can’t touch me,
Dark can’t quench me,
Solar powered,
I’m on course.

Glow-In-the-Dark-Jar-Experiment-201206251-SummerScienceI can radiate
into any darkness,
any pain.
I’m not afraid.

Don’t want to clench it,
Don’t want to hold it,
Can’t outrun it,
It’s closing in.

I just wanna bring my glow,
into depths and canyons,
places dim
and dark
and cold.


With the sunrise, I’ll
fuel up again,
warmth and welcome
making me

I’ve got a Son-powered fuel source,
free for the asking,
the Man who deals it,
He’s my best friend.

It’s no secret,
No need to hide it,
I blend nicely
in the light of day.

Only when dusk comes,
and darkness moves on in,
When the monsters creep,
I come out, too,

glow-in-the-dark-shoesCan’t quite believe it,
But hey, look and see!
My fingertips, they’re alight!
Not only that,
but so is the
rest of me!

Darkness hides its eyes,
Monsters shrink away,
Quivering, quaking,
fear overtaking.
Run away,

Nothing brings light like a child, or acting like one

What if by “you are the light of the world” Jesus really meant,”Go, lighten your world?”

Not shine light on dark things. Not draw attention with your sparkle. Not even ‘reflect My light,’ because He knew the day would come when the dark would grow darker and the Christ light would seem dimmer.

What if, ‘you are the light’ didn’t mean we’ve got illumination? What if it meant, go play. Go bring joy. Go and bring the fun with you. The world needs light-ening. It needs the sparkle and glimmer of laughter. It needs hopping and skipping. It needs jump rope and sidewalk chalk. It needs puppies and play things, doll houses and imagination. It needs pure, unadulterated whimsy. It needs all those things we do for no good reason, except the joy.

Have we forgotten how to play?

Have we become so engrossed in figuring things out that we have lost the wonder, the mystery, the magic?

Perhaps our light is not meant to be a bright beacon, but a spark. A lighting of life, a light-ening of life, a load-lifting, effervescence that giggles, then chuckles, then breaks into guffaw. Even in a quiet place, especially in a silent place.That silent and holy night 2000 + years ago certainly was not quiet. That new little tike may have been smiling sweetly for the wise men, but silent, I don’t think so. He was a reason for celebration. Surely, there was wooping and hollering and dancing and singing. Heck, the whole heavenly host would have made a tremendous racket! Peace was not quiet it was a glorious uproar.

No wonder Santa Clause came along so we could have Rudolph and Frosty and jingle our bells in a one horse open sleigh. We need some lightening up! This child that was born is God’s answer to the darkness. That’s all the Light we need. He’s waiting for us to go out and play, and bring the joy with us.

Who in the world would dance and sing and celebrate in times like these? Well us, of course. Joy does that. That’s the child in each of us. Can we all be THIS kid?

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