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The whole world comes alive
when the sun rises.

One by one, two by two
they emerge
from east, from west, 
from every way and every other way,
whole flocks together
as if a heavenly call
has gone out and 
they're heeding its message.

Is it the rays, the light, the glimmer
that bids them come? 
the oranges, reds, the magenta
that dazzles and displays?
or something else I can't see, 
can't hear, can't comprehend?
Is there a knowing I don't know?
A joke I'm not in on?

Ashore, I stand
the only unflighted one of morning.
Astonished at their 
soaring, gliding, joyful shouting, 
"Here I am!" 
"Wait for me!"
Guzzling the good, good news of morning.

What a glorious day has come
and is coming
when we, 
weighted and terribly terrestrial 
loosen our ties and 
shed the lashing pinning our wings.  
And, with the rest, come
alive in the new day.

And God said, let it be Thursday

and it was.

Have you ever wondered whether God creates from the beginning of a day or sort of makes it up as He goes along?

Whether all of its doings are put in place ahead of time, or does what I do in it knock it off kilter and cause God to right it again?

Or is it incomplete, waiting for us to fill it in with all the details?

In that case does our Majesty sit and cheer us on hoping we’ll do so and so because he’s planned such and such?

And in that case, do I ever surprise Him? Not catch Him off guard, exactly, but just choose what He hoped I’d do but figured I wouldn’t. Or the reverse, God help me, what He hoped I wouldn’t do but now that I have He’s reminded that there’s work to do with me yet?

I just can’t imagine He leaves anything to chance.

Yet, I look around and see things He couldn’t have possibly intended. Perhaps they are Friday things or next week’s agenda.

Wow, does that mean God has a calendar? Or is it just me who wakes up to Thursday and selfishly thinks its mine.

Well, God did give me this one. Wonder what He wants me to do with it.

God was present to this day before it began. Is present before it begins. This is what makes it Holy. Makes Him real in it. As I sit before it, He becomes real in it to me.

God said, let it be Thursday. And it is.

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