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Winter, We Need You!

Nature is a tease this year.
Look at those chutes,
Yawning and stretching.
Time to wake already?
Seems like I just went to sleep.

IMG_0098Look at those buds,
Plumping on each branch.
Well, if he is, I guess I’d better.
The unfurling must be soon,
Baby, it’s warm in here.

Spring must be coming,
Warm, soaking rains must mean
longer days are just ahead.
And then I’ll grow strong
and tall and sure.

Or have we been fooled?

Fools to send our young ones out
before their time.
Before the winter rest hardies them.
Before they can collect their resources.
Before they can gather strength
For the season ahead.

We, old and wizened by seasons past,
may fend off the harshness
with wits and cunning
forged over years of seasons.
A life of winters has won us this privilege.

But the young, so unsuspecting.
Responding, by nature,
To a call which is not.

Put your coat on and your boots and mittens.
Do your homework, get your chores done.
Eat your vegetables, take your vitamins.
Put some meat on those bones.

Winter, we need you.
Don’t be a tease.
Be a teacher.
Teach us to pray and wait,
for the glorious wonder
of spring.

I’m there if you need me

Even the least of us must do our part…

How often do you run into an Einstein, Beethoven or Karl Barth? Someone has said such people are like four-leaf clovers, but what really keeps the pastures green, the cows fed, and the bees happy is the vastly more numerous ordinary, run-of-the-mill, three-leaf variety.*

I’ve got my “skill set,” but no one would tell me I’m gonna be one of the greats. Not gonna cure cancer, not gonna save the children,┬ánot gonna win the Nobel prize, walk the red carpet, or sit at the head table. No, I’m more of a background color, the beige to your bronze, the pale pink to your magenta, the salmon to your cherry red.

I’m what makes you stand out, what fills you up, what grounds your lift off. I’m there if you need me. That’s what I was made for.

I’m nothing by myself, but together, we’re everything.daffodils Mike Halloran

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