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Peace Out

we the peopleLet’s DO this!  …

At a certain time, say, 7:00 pm Friday night, we all just walk out of the building we are in. Just out.

Just for a few minutes.
Not rally, not speeches, not organized.

Just OUT.

Talk to neighbor. Just OUT.

Ready to move on.
Beyond guns.
Beyond oligarchy.
Beyond injustice.
Beyond racism.
Beyond homophobia.
Beyond sexism.
Beyond putting one another down to feel raised up.
Beyond fear.
Beyond hatred.
Beyond pitting one against another.
Beyond destroying this Earth that holds us.

Together we stand.
I stand here, next to you.
You stand there, next to me.

Person by Person. Neighborhood by neighborhood.
City by City.
Land by Land.

We, the people.

~ Magi Treece

Use Your Words

wordTwo kids play in the sandbox until one wants the toy the other has and helps himself. Dispossessed kid shoves the other to reclaim the toy. “Use your words, child!”

Happy family out to dinner and the time is getting late. Junior fidgets, whines then tantrums. “Use your words, child!”

Children changing classes through crowded halls. One shoves the other launching his books across the floor. His reward is snickers and laughter. “Use your words, child…”

What words?

Boys tease. Girls taunt. Don’t.
Friend shuns. Date advances. Hush.
Boss berates. Spouse lambastes. Quiet.
Neighbor is passive aggressive. Mute.
Gossip in lots of words. Nope.

What to do with our
Impatience, frustration, boredom, anger.
Words unused leave us with
Distrust, bias, hatred, vengeance.

“Use your words,” we tell them.

Learn to speak your feelings,
express your anger,
portray your emotions.
Because what’s inside is designed to come out.

Our human nature reacts.
Our instincts respond.
And our real-time world doesn’t wait for
us to craft the perfect expression.
It spits, fights and lashes out.

As it did in the sandbox,
at the dinner table and
in the school hallway.

If we don’t learn to use our words and
we don’t practice using our words,
we forget how to use our words.

Use your words to speak up.
…All voices matter.
Use your words to speak out.
…Justice demands to be heard.
Use your words to speak to me.
…I am listening.

Before a word is on my tongue
    you, Lord, know it completely. ~ Psalm 139:4

Child, use the word I have spoken to you, spoken in you, and am yet speaking. Speak peaceably. Speak honestly. Speak respectfully. You know these words. They are mine as you are mine.

What is your place of abiding?

“Jesus came for a far more radically transforming purpose than to serve as a role model. Jesus came to invite us into a living relationship with him, to abide, live and move in his spirit, as the branch abides in the living vine. Just as the bird does not imitate the air or the fish imitate the water, but rather they abide in their life-giving element, so are we to live in Jesus and Jesus live in us.” ~ Flora Slosson Wuellner


What is your “life-giving element”?

Where do you settle in with a deep sigh
and say, ah, everything I need is here.
Now, I am clicking, the ideas are coming,
the world is starting to make sense because
I can see myself as I am and know my place in it.

I can drink to quench my thirst
and breathe to inspire my mind,
I can gulp my sustenance
and wriggle free of my stiffness.
I can soothe my own soul.

Such a place of flourishing
is this space of abiding,
I in Him and He in me.

What’s your place of abiding?

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