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Push the button!

What if God has made everything possible: laid out every step, anticipated every possibility, shaped every turn, and all that’s left is to push the activation button?

So often I get caught circling a decision. Oh, I’m very aware of something that is demanding action. Perhaps it keeps prompting me, poking me with its warning finger saying, “I’m waiting…” But I don’t know what is right to do. Perhaps something needs saying, a situation needs righting, a change needs making. Or not.

I just need to resolve this. Make a decision, yea or nay. And be done with it. But I haven’t. My finger is hovering over the activation button. I can’t push it until I’m completely certain. Until I’ve researched it completely or I have the necessary resources.

What if God has lined it all up, performed every step but the last? He’s done all but the button-pushing. That one thing He has left to me. To push the button marked prayer, with complete abandon, come what may.


Lord, I trust you. You have┬ámade all things possible, always working things completely for my good. Even though I don’t know what the resolution of this circumstance should be, You do and You have willed it. I hand over my reservations to You.


And there would be a mighty whirling, perhaps a grinding of gears or a great gust of wind, and what will be done is doing. We would be caught up in it, powerless to overcome it. Yet feel completely enveloped by its rightness.

Why do we wait?

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