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Praying for Charlottesville

jeffersonstatue_04hr_utCharlottesville, Virginia,
l’il college town,
All the school year, full of UVA Wahoos,
going to football games, going to class,
going to pubs down at the Corner.
Just like everybody.

Come from Virginia and everywhere,
to Mr. Jefferson’s University,
to get a college degree and
to learn about life,
in the classroom and on the lawn,
from their professors and from each other.
The University in Virginia.

Charlottesville, Virginia,
Situated in the center, caught in the middle,
between north and south,
black and white,
slave and free.
Where combatants gather, Lee Statue
tempers flare
and the shouting starts.

“It’s my right to say what I want,” they say.
Unfurling words.
Words of unkindness,
words of disrespect,
words of damnation.
Words that pelt, pummel, and break.
More than rocks through a glass window,
words leave shards, lying on the pavement.

The war of words has come to Virginia.
We the people of the middle.
To Charlottesville, family home of a
man of great words. History remembers him.
Founding father.
Declaration author.
University benefactor.
Slave owner.

Charlottesville history sign

History belongs to no one.
The future belongs to someone.
Not you. Not me.
the People,
of the Middle.

Bold enough to see
that freedom is extended, as well as taken.
It’s not mine, if it’s not also yours.

chapel Charlottesville

If what I say hurts you,
I must strike that, not you.

Praying for Charlottesville …
Tender town in the center;
where the words
I pray for you
incline your heart
to pray for me.
In Thee,

The Third Dimension

Lord, you pull me upward

as circumstances pull me outward.

Lo, there is a third dimension.

Downward. Bent in silence.

Focus me there.

Where I am

Deeply dependent on you.

Holy Eavesdropping

Listen to me. (Silence. Searching.

Where? Where are you? I can’t see you? I knock, but you don’t answer. I plead, but you don’t respond. I pray, but you don’t change my circumstance. Here I am. Where are you?

Listen to me. (Silence. Searching.

There are so many. There is so much. My ears are bombarded. My eyes are blinded. My senses are overrun. How can I possibly hear you?!

Listen to us. (Silence. Searching.

Us? You and me? Are we are talking and I don’t know it?

We are ever speaking. Through sun and moon, wind and wave, star and planet. Through children running, dogs playing, siblings arguing, parents, teachers, elders, all with the breath of life are speaking. Do you hear us?

That is the sound of we. We three. Speaking among ourselves so that you might hear. In a language you will know. With an inflection you will recognize as your own dialect and the other will recognize as his.So you will be one as we are one.

I am listening. Let it be with me as you have said.

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