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Still Powerful

“The presence of inner peace is the still point of God.” ~ Flora Slosson Wuellner

But still doesn’t mean stalled.

The Comfort of Presence + The Power to Go Forth = Inner Peace

Still point to Starting Point = Outward Joy

Ready, Set, Go

The Hurrieder I go, the Behinder I get

The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.


That phrase, from a poster on my high school bedroom wall, is haunting me today. Not because time has passed, but because it hasn’t seemed to. It’s even more true today than it was back then, and it has me wondering whether I am making any headway.

Speed breeds errors. Which mean do-overs. Which take time. Which I have to take from something else I need to be doing. Which is on my mind as I rush to do again what I rushed through the first time.

Does this bother anyone else?

Slow down and get it right the first time beats like a drum in my daily doing. But slow doesn’t do it. Slow falls behind. Slow blows your doors off as they pass on the left and on the right. Slow, but sure, wins the race is for tortoises, not for today.

Somehow the quality of my living has to match the demands of the daily, but without do-overs. I don’t have any right to insist the other slow down so I can catch up. We all have the same twenty four hours to do the will of the One who sent us. I just need to get it righter, so I don’t get behinder. As the rush of wind circles back to pick up what it dropped, I will catch up.

What if my new poster is…

If God is in the race then God is in the pace.

How would Jesus run? I’m thinking He’d be a little bit like American Pharoah – but without the typo.

  • He’d be cool and collected in the starting blocks.
  • He wouldn’t burst into the lead right from the start.
  • He’d vary his racing strategy to suit the competitors.
  • He would trust His preparation and apply it through each turn and straight-away.
  • He’d always have a finishing kick.
  • He’d compete at all distances and
  • win every race.

My preparation is on-going even as I am running this race. I needn’t concern myself with trouncing the other competitors, but I do need to tap all the energy stores, exert myself responsibly and when the time is right, count on my finishing kick.

This race has already been won, folks. There’s no hurry.

Starting at the Finish is Cheating

Pardon me, dear friends of the Kinesthetic Christian. I have been traveling with my family and then came home to a whirlwind of preparation for a call scheduled with a book publisher. He is interested.

I fear I must shift my time a bit from the regular KC posting. This is hard because I love it here, among the sound bytes and digital images. But the decision is made. I will dive into this one very big project and, potentially, the 2 month sprint ahead to give my book a chance to succeed and my business, Fit2Finish, a huge boost.

She answered!

She answered!

Then I see this in the Parade Magazine this morning. Marilyn vos Savant has published the question I sent in eons ago. My question, why are mazes easier if you start at the finish? Her answer: because you have broken the one rule of mazes, start at start.

Life can only be lived in one direction. We don’t get the answers first. We get the questions, then we work our way to the answers. Just like books. If you read the last page first, you ruin it. Just like book projects, you have to start at the beginning and fill in the chapters.

But then the real work begins: convincing people to come along for the ride. My project? Making people Fit to Finish before the final whistle blows. We must all start at start. Starting at the finish is breaking the only rule.

I’m guilty of trying to make it easier by starting at the finish and working backwards. It’s easier that way! Marilyn vos Savant says that’s cheating.

God occupies that spot. God is finishing each of us by drawing us toward Himself. All He requires? Full effort. I’m willing; He’s able. Here goes!!

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