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What do Santa and Jesus have in Common?

What do Santa and Jesus have in common?

  • children
  • sitting on his lap
  • asking
  • Christmastime
  • Saintliness
  • the whole world in one night
  • led by a light
  • Holiday Spirit
  • gifts, warmth, kindness, love
  • you gotta believe…

or it’s just a story, a myth, long-told. Verses recited with option for annual renewal. Santa and Jesus, they both come again this time of year. Do you believe?

Belief is an amazing thing. When I believe in myself, I am better. When I believe in you, you are better. My belief in you may even help you believe in yourself. Now, that’s magic, isn’t it? Because that is a gift that keeps giving.

How good it is that, year after year, we have the chance to resubscribe to this St Nick of Christmas and to this Jesus of Nazareth. Quite the pair: a jolly old elf who flies through the night on a reindeer-drawn-sleigh and a babe born in a manger, witnessed by shepherds and visited by wise men.

They both bring out the best in us, year after year.

Not so much to do with facts, figures, or catching him in the act. Separate from packages, tinsel and ornaments on the tree. Carols and mistletoe, nice, but not necessary. More about the internal trappings, that intangible stuff no one can quite put a finger on, that impels us toward better.

Kind of like believing.

Merry Christmas, friends.


Open Letter to Santa


Dear Santa

That’s as far as I got on my letter. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a letter to Santa. But this year I have pledged to do one thing each day that a kid would do. Of course a kid would write a letter to Santa, so here it sits on my desk, its red and green letters staring back at me.

Why is it so difficult to write to Santa?

  • because I am not a kid? Maybe, but there are things on my Christmas list… why not write them?
  • because what I want doesn’t come from a store? Nice try, but that’s rationalization. Can’t I still ask?
  • because I don’t know where to begin. Now we’re getting somewhere.

The traditional, “I have been good this year” doesn’t cover all the bases. Can I lie to Santa? If he’s keeping a naughty and nice list, surely he knows all the not too nice things I did or said or didn’t do and lied about. So…

I have tried to be good this year but you know, it’s hard.

Stop stalling and get to the LIST!! What’s the harm in asking? But… isn’t asking selfish? Oh my goodness, what kid ever thinks about THAT? My adult-ness is disabling. I hope Santa understands.

So let’s ease into this… (after you bring the stuff for the kids and the dogs and my husband – because I want them to be happy – and after you bring stuff for people who really need stuff… if there is some extra room in your bag and it won’t weigh down your sleigh or be an undue burden for your tiny reindeer, could you…)

Oh my goodness how I avoid this conversation. Asking for what I really want, even if I am not sure I believe Santa can give it to me, is nearly impossible. Until I get started. Then it all tumbles out. I’m already at #8 before I realize that this list is a prayer. Item upon item are things I dearly, dearly long for. Specific things. And just for a moment it doesn’t seem selfish at all, it seems real, and I am not ashamed to ask.

#8. Bring me courage and nerve to speak up for these kids, even if it means risking my reputation.

Apparently, we need to ask for what we want so we can see what we really need.

I guess that about does it for this year, Santa. You know, you’re easier to talk to than the guy who could actually bring me these things. Why is that? Why, when I was a kid, was this so easy?

Santa, by any chance do you know Jesus? If you do, can you pass along my list? 

Thank you and Merry Christmas!



Now. Send or don’t send? Oh, this adult-ness is gonna take some time to get over!

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