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Not Your Usual Bouncer


Each set off
at his own pace
with her own rhythm
in their own style.

Bounce.. bounce…. bounce. bounce…boun..ce bounceee.. bou..bbounce

Tennis balls,
in their joy and merriment,
leaping and playing,
of their own accord.


They were finished, then.
Fallen in,
Rank and file,
Orderly. Procession.

Oh, the sound.
Calling me,
To sameness, calm,
quiet, appeasement, rhythm.

So easy to slip in,
under the waves,
along for the ride,
go with the flow.

There was another sound.
Quiet, but clear.
Of opportunity beckoning,
between the bouncing,
between the bouncing.

Growing louder,
more insistent.
Am I the only one who hears it?

Close ranks! Tighten up!
Rapid fire. Precision.
Poise. Focus.

Deliberately different.
Not disruptive,

It was a competition, after all.
There was a Prize.

1+1 Somehow = Infinitely More

team win - ChasThere are so many ordinary people leading extraordinary lives out there and they don’t even know it. I got to spend a couple precious hours with one yesterday. By day, he worked in human resources and was happily married to his beautiful college sweetheart, and afternoons he spent with his soccer teams. Well, not now, because his last team had all just graduated from high school. He had sent them on their merry way. After 17(!) seasons. And before this group, he had coached a group for 20(!) seasons.

In two hours, we hardly got the pleasantries out of the way before I started hearing names, seeing pictures on his phone and their collective Facebook page, and then was privy to descriptions, not of events, really, but of moments. Moments that meant everything. I knew immediately because he told me the stories. One after another, they just came tumbling out. I’m not sure that even he knew they were stored there, waiting for someone to open a space where he might put them.

Such is the power of asking and then listening. Such a gift, this sharing of space between two ordinary humans. Somehow when two are gathered in this way, there is something very much more.

Thank you, Chas.

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