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No Longer Taking Life for Granted, thank you, Chris

In a change of pace today, here (in 2 consecutive Youtube videos)  is the Reverend Dr. Chris Graham, preaching at the Church of the Savior in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Graham, Chris to everyone who knows him, is nearing the end of his battle with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s disease – a heartless disease of the nerve cells which control the voluntary muscles. He is losing strength, but otherwise gathering steam. He has spent years preaching to this congregation, teaching them how to live. Now he is clearly and powerfully walking them through the dying. It is in no way depressing, but completely grace-filled.

Chris could have told me that a million times, and I would have nodded and smiled. But his testimony now is not to be denied. This is a man who is extending every moment into the infinite. Thank you, Chris. God may have been powerful in your lifetime of sermons but those were just a warm up to what He is doing through you now.

God bless you.

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