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We art to listen and perceive

I write, therefore I am. Well, not exactly, but sort of.

“We write… or paint or sculpt or draw or make music or …because we are listening for meaning, feeling for healing.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

Yes and yes! Can I have an amen?! This is exactly why I write.

  • To listen to my brain-workings.
  • To heal what’s hurting me.
  • To wonder about what mystifies me. 
  • To bring together what’s scattered about up there.

Madeleine and I – dare I put us together in the same phrase? – we write.

But writing is not the only way we listen and feel. Any art form will do. Any artistic endeavor will suffice. Any creative gesture will open this door.

Yep. We art to listen and perceive. Not, we do art. Not, we perform art. We art.

My mind leaps to…How great Thou art … are, really.

That means present tense ‘are,’ that is the 2nd person conjugation of ‘to be’ as in you are, familiar form of Thou art…oh my. Let’s just stick with The Great I Am.

And I’ll settle for I art, therefore I am.

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