Worship on the Workout Floor

I’m seated on the hamstring curl machine at the gym. I get all the adjustments made for leg length and seat height and resistance. I place both feet in position to squeeze the padded bar that pulls the lever toward me. And I do. Evenly. Right and left executing the same force.

I think perhaps I am mistaken. Ever since my hamstring injury and repair a year and a half ago, the left hamstring has worked – it’s connected and it does what it’s supposed to – but not like it used to. It lets the right lead and it follows along. But not now. I try again, just to be sure. Extend. Activate. Flex. Sure enough. Both legs…together. Evenly.

The resistance actually feels light now, distributed between both legs. I stare in amazement and, as I flex I say, “Thank you.” As I extend I say, “God.” I repeat this over and over again. With eyes closed. And there was praise and there was worship, right there on the workout floor.

I don’t know how many reps I completed. I didn’t count. But when I was finished, I opened my eyes and looked around, part of me wondering whether people would be staring. They weren’t. But mostly looking around to see if anything else was different, because I was. Nope. Everybody just continued on about their business.

Amazing how two limbs working together to do something so simple could be, well, worship.

Thank you – God – Thank you – God.

About wlebolt

Wendy is a health and fitness professional and coach who specializes in helping young athletes dig deep to reach high. Her business, Fit2Finish, LLC, serves the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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