Stamped in Red Letters

Just discovered this teacher’s stamp in my desk drawer.


I twisted the the knob to scroll through the rubber words. There was still some red ink on the ones most used: VERY GOOD and EXCELLENT.

What if God had a stamper like this? If I received my life back stamped in Red Letters, how would it read?

  • Improving – When I was a child
  • Good – When I was in grade school
  • Very Good – When I graduated
  • Excellent – When I got my graduate degrees
  • Neat work – When I became employed
  • Messy – When I married
  • Watch Punctuation – When I had children
  • Spelling Errors – When I was a teacher
  • Incomplete – When I began coaching. Then quit coaching
  • See me – Write, He said.
  • Not satisfactory – Edit, He said.
  • Do Over – Funny how these words sound different coming from Him.

Makes a good life story.

About wlebolt

Wendy is a health and fitness professional and coach who specializes in helping young athletes dig deep to reach high. Her business, Fit2Finish, LLC, serves the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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  1. Clever approach! I really like this! And I really wish I had that stamper!!! 😉

    • Yep. It just tickled me. How I dearly wanted to be stamped excellent in my youth and now am happy I get a do over. He stamps truth in every stage. Must have a sense of humor, that God!

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