Why do we edit God out?

Just wondering.

Simone Manuel - credit NBC News

Simone Manuel – photo credit NBC News

I watched Simone Manuel finish first in the 100 meter freestyle in Olympic record time then turn to look at the score board and put her hand over her mouth in utter surprise and delight. That girl just performed a miracle as far as she’s concerned, and in her after-swim interview, the first words out of her mouth were…

“All I can say is all glory to God.”

She went on, “It’s definitely been a long journey these last four years,” and as her voice began to break, “I’m just so blessed to have a gold medal.”

What a moment for this young woman! The first African-American to win an individual medal in USA Olympic swimming competition. She knows the weight of her position and the responsibility it holds. She has a voice on the highest platform, to address all those children of color who may now aspire to do what they wouldn’t otherwise have considered possible. All Glory to God, indeed.

So I’m surprised when I watch clips of her interview, shared on tv, online and on social media, that they begin with …”This is significant. You are the first African-American woman to medal … what does this mean to you, Simone?”

“This medal is not just for me…”

And the reporters are off with the story of the woman who inspires, the symbol of a movement, the focal point of a message. All to the good, but why do we skip to the “good” part? Why do we edit God out?

I know journalists do this. We edit for time and space and message. We cut out the fluff so we can focus on the nuggets. But in this young woman’s case, I think we may have missed the first point she was making. God made me as I am, and I’m good, thanks to Him.

Can we please start at the beginning, where she began? where we all began? which is why what she says and does matters and why what we say and do matters?

Thank you, Simone, for your heart for God and your courage to say so.

All glory to God.

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  1. Reblogged this on Memoir Notes.

  2. I love that you pointed out what so many do. We need to all of us Give the Glory to God.

  3. Thank you, Wendy! I appreciate your perspective and share it as well. How can I share this on FB?

    • Thank you, Karl. There should be a ‘share on Facebook’ button underneath the post. I have also shared it on my Kinesthetic Christian Facebook page. If you have “liked” this page, it is easy to share there as you would other FB posts.

      As always, I appreciate the love.

  4. Wendy, it didn’t occur to me the press left it out. I am reminded that I need to listen for not only what is said, but also what is left out by the press.

    • If I hadn’t heard it “live poolside,” I wouldn’t have realized it was edited out. It’s a great reminder that every secondary source has a perspective. We choose what part of the story to tell by what we choose to share. The story here (for the media) wasn’t that a “wonderful God-fearing woman just won gold” but that a black woman just won the first swimming gold.

      Just love that they were the first words out of her mouth. Puts everything else she says and does in a different light.

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