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Virtual Pokemon, Real Prayer

Pray upon rising and before retiring. Pray before you eat, before you speak, before you act. Pray yourself into your day, all along and through your day. Pray without ceasing.

I’m all good intentions. It’s just that once I get going, I get rolling and don’t think to stop. So I slipped a reminder rubber band around my wrist as a prayer companion.

I can twist it in my hand and pray quietly or twang it on my wrist and pray forcefully. Slide it up and over my thumb and, instantly, prayer is in the palm of my hand. Whatever I touch is prayer. It sends me the softest reminder as I roll, press, slide or tug. “I’m here, right now, in your circumstance.”

Pokemon character on WendyAfter dinner, my daughter looked at me and laughed. “Mom,” she told me, “you  have a Pokemon sitting on your hand.” She snapped a photo, so I could see it. Look at that! Pokemon Eevee was right there on may hand and I never knew it!

And right next to Eevee is my little prayer rubber band, twisted gently around my wrist. See it? So, if our mobile phones can allow us to see things that aren’t really there, could there be things there that we just can’t see yet? Things we can feel but haven’t quite captured?

That small rubber band makes prayer feel real for me, moment by moment. I wonder what those prayers would look like if I could capture a digital image.

It’s probably only a matter of time.


Creating My Own Virtual Reality

Today, I begin.
No direction.
No insistence.
No requirements.

Nothing calls me.
Nothing claims me.

I can reply to every email
or not one.
I can answer every call
or silence my phone.

I can strike off
in any direction
I choose.
And I do choose.

I have this choice

Today, I see it.
it’s real
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